Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Veggie Grill -- Tasty meat-free delights

The Veggie Grill
4213 Campus Drive Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 509-0003

It's taken me a very long time to try this place and I wouldn't have if not for my dining companion who suggested it. I checked out all the reviews as well as their menu on line before going so I would have an idea as to what to order in case I held the line up or something.

It was pretty empty when we arrived at noon on a weekday. I had expected a much bigger crowd considering what the reviews had said. However, I like it when there's not a lot of people. I ordered my crispy chickin sandwich and an ice tea. I also wanted the steamed kale on the side. My total? Almost $14. Since I had already read the reviews, I knew my meal would come to about $15 so I wasn't shocked, but it was still really pricey for a sandwich and a non-meat sandwich at that.

A friend of mine had the iced tea mixed with some lemonade and I did just that -- great suggestion as it was really refreshing.

My dining companion and I found a spot on the patio and put our numbers on the table. Our plates were brought out to us when they were ready. I guess I was confused. I thought if you ordered the kale, the sandwich came sans bun. I was put off by the reviews regarding the soggy bun, but I guess they must've worked out their kinks because my whole wheat bun was lightly toasted and not soggy at all. In fact, the whole sandwich was really quite good although I wouldn't say my 'chickin' had the same texture as chicken. It had more of a very firm canned tuna texture -- kinda flaky.

The kale was served with a sesame dressing. I liked this a lot. The kale was steamed well, not under or over cooked. The dressing was also light which enhanced the kale without overpowering it.

All in all, I really enjoyed it. Beware of the lurking birds if you sit on the patio. Obviously they're used to humans and they hover, waiting for you to leave so they can pounce on your leftovers. If you take too long, they will fly around in the hope to intimidate you to leave. My dining companion was a little freaked out by the birds, but they didn't really come close enough to deem any damage.


Judy said...

I would stop eating beef for a burger like that, well, stop for a day. I love kale and it's so good for you too

Lady Who Lunches said...

I love kale too. I bought some from the farmers market today and thought I'll try to serve it the way I tried it at the Veggie Grill -- I have some sesame dressing in the fridge.